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Hear real-life stories from and about your peers.

Summit Stories

Brian & Casi

Meet Brian & Casi Beibl, residents of Summit County, as they share their heartfelt story of losing their son, Ben. 

Take a moment to listen and understand the importance of discussing how opioid use can affect families like yours. Your life and the lives of your loved ones are valuable.

Yareli & Alex, Part 1

Meet Yareli and Alex, two students at Summit High. Listen in as they discuss who they talk to about difficult topics, such as mental health and drug use; and where in Summit County you can go to find the support you may need.


A good support system is essential for everyone to live a healthy, drug free life.

Yareli & Alex, Part 2

Yareli and Alex, two students at Summit High, sit down to talk about how peer pressure can convince young people to make bad decisions.

They recommend finding friends that you can have an open and honest line of communication with, and surrounding yourself with people who don’t make you feel bad for not wanting to try something dangerous.

Maggie Seldeen

Meet Maggie Seldeen, a resident of Summit County who has lost many loved ones to opioid use and Fentanyl poisoning. 

She stresses the importance of always calling 911, because nothing is worse than watching your friends and family members die.

George Gerchow

Introducing George Gerchow, a Summit County resident who tragically lost his son to fentanyl poisoning in March 2021. In response to this devastating loss, George, alongside his daughter, founded the X Foundation.


This organization is dedicated to distinguishing between overdosing and accidental fentanyl poisoning, eliminating the stigma associated with fentanyl-related deaths, and making positive contributions to the community.

Annie McClure

Introducing Annie McClure, a committed Summit County public health nurse on a life-saving mission.


Witness her expertise as she demonstrates the essential steps of administering Narcan spray to aid someone experiencing an overdose.

Jaime FitzSimons

Meet Summit County’s Sheriff, Jaime FitzSimons. In this video, Sheriff FitzSimons discusses the fentanyl epidemic, the steps his office has recently taken in promoting and offering harm reduction, and how everyone in the community can come together to help make Summit County safer.


The gallery showcases a collection of photos from our community members who have bravely shared their personal stories. Each photo tells a powerful and unique journey of resilience, hope, and strength.

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