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Fentanyl Test Strips

Essential Resources for Opioid and Fentanyl Education 

Fentanyl Test Strips

Test strips are a valuable tool for detecting the presence of fentanyl in drugs, but they do not provide information on the quantity or potency of fentanyl.  

	Ten green and blue Fentanyl test strip examples on black background.

Where can I find fentanyl test strips? 

Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 1.35.24 PM.png

SummitSafe offers free fentanyl test strips and Narcan by order.


Visit their website to order and receive education pamphlets on how to use fentanyl test strips.

Visit their website by clicking their logo


Summit County Public Health is a new distribution site for Fentanyl Test Strips. You can walk in during business hours to get FREE test strips or find them at local events.

Receive their address by clicking their logo


High Rockies Harm Reduction offers fentanyl test strips and Naloxone for free. Place an order online through their website or visit them at one of their events! 

Visit their website by clicking their logo


Dancesafe offers fentanyl test strips for a low price online. To receive these harm reduction items visit their website to order and receive.

Visit their website by clicking their logo

How do I use fentanyl test strips? 

Step 1: Select your sample

 	White cartoon arrow points into a blue container on black background. Showcasing how to use Fentanyl test strips.

Find a container to test in (it is common to use a plastic water bottle cap). Place a small amount of the substance into the container 

Step 3: Insert Test Strip

 	Blue and white cartoon Fentanyl test strip example on a black background. Arrow demonstrating how the strip works.

Insert the wavy side of the test strip into the mixture for 15 seconds

Step 5: Read Results

Blue and white positive Fentanyl test cartoon on black background. A blue arrow shows that one line means positive test.

A single pink line on the left-hand side indicates that fentanyl has been detected in your drugs.


It is much safer to discard the batch. 

One Line is POSITIVE

Step 2: Add water and mix

Light blue water bottle pouring darker blue into a blue lid with a black background. This is further demonstrating how to use Fentanyl test strips.

Add water to the substance and mix together

Please note: For most drugs, you need ½ teaspoon of water. If you are testing methamphetamines, use1 full teaspoon.

Step 4: Wait 2 to 5 minutes

White cartoon timer on black background. Half of the timer is filled in with blue, indicating half the time has passed. This is demonstrating the time needed to complete the Fentanyl test.

Take the strip out of the mixture and place it on a flat surface for 2 to 5 minutes

 		Blue and white negative Fentanyl test cartoon on black background. A blue arrow shows that two lines mean a negative test.

Two pink lines indicate that fentanyl  has not been detected in your drugs.


Remember that no test is 100% accurate and your drugs may still contain fentanyl even if you receive a negative result. 

Two Lines are NEGATIVE

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